June 16, 2020, 4:20 am

The Progressive Payout in Video Poker

The birth of the video poker machine is considered to be a blessing among poker gamblers. This is because of the more excitement of playing the machine gives compared to playing the regular table poker game. Moreover, the game of video poker can be played in its progressive version which offers the potential to play for a progressive payout.

Poker gamblers usually can see the difference between playing a regular non progressive poker game from a progressive video poker because of the payout that is considerably higher when played in a progressive video poker machine.

Winning from a royal flush in a non progressive video poker machine can make a poker player win to the maximum payout but hitting the same from a progressive machine enable a poker player take home a bundle of winnings.

Such difference is mainly due to the fact that the progressive video poker machines are linked together where all wagers of all its players accumulate to become a single jackpot. The video poker machines operate in a single network that collects all wagers taken from different video poker machines linked together which operate from different venues.

The payout progressively increases as more wagers are placed as bets in the video poker machines. The more money is being contributed to a single pot, the bigger the progressive payout becomes. The progressive video poker machines are usually put into a network of at least 10 or more video poker machines. Playing in an online progressive video poker game can even be shared into the entire network of the software.

The online progressive video poker can provide a higher progressive payout because of more video poker machines are linked online where more players are contributing to the progressive payout on the pot.

Video poker games that offer a progressive payout typically are played in the same way as its non progressive version. But the progressive payout does offer huge amount of winning to its players.

One downside in playing the progressive video poker is the machines usually have odds in favor to the casino. But the potential to win the progressive payout is worth the wait for luck to come but this always poses some risks to a video poker player's bankroll.

Playing for the progressive payout of a video poker game can be fun and profitable to a poker gambler because of the promising potential to win bigger progressive payouts. It give players a more inspiring feeling to go after the bigger payout jackpot while posing some risks owing to the game's volatile nature that anytime other video poker players might hit the progressive payout