June 16, 2020, 4:20 am

Playing the Blackjack Progressive Payout

Playing the progressive blackjack game is made more exciting owing to the opportunity to vie for the progressive payout involved that allows its player to earn better winnings from the game. The game mechanics involved in playing the progressive blackjack is very similar on how the typical game of blackjack is played.

However, before the blackjack player is dealt with cards they are required to place a side bet of $1 to qualify for the progressive jackpot if they opt to avail the progressive payout. Both the dealer and the players are dealt with cards and their goal is to accumulate the sum of their card value close to 21.

The cards are worth each of their face value while higher cards from Jack to King are worth as 10 while the Ace can be either 1 or 11 in worth. Whoever has the card value that is closest to 21 but not over 21 will typically win. A player is said to be busted once their total accumulated card value has a sum of 22 or higher meaning the player lose.

Progressive blackjack is usually played online and is one of the most played progressive casino games. Playing for the progressive payout will always require the blackjack player to place an additional side bet of $1 which qualifies them to win a higher payout.

To be able to place the side bet of a dollar, the online blackjack player needs to push a flashing button on the screen. The bonus bet should be made while the button remains flashing meaning no cards are yet to be dealt which allows the players ample time to make an additional bet to have the chance to qualify in playing for the progressive payout.

An online progressive blackjack player is usually entitled for the bonus payout once they have a hand of two or more aces at consecutive frequency when the first cards are dealt. The progressive payout increases as a player continues to bet for the bonus jackpot.

An online blackjack player can always keep tab on the current progressive payout at stake by monitoring the screen that indicates the current level of the progressive payout. In some progressive blackjack games a player may also qualify to win a progressive payout for a number of aces at hand.

The progressive blackjack has an additional feature of playing for the progressive and growing bigger payout that accumulates until a player has a hand of two or more aces as the first cards are dealt.