June 16, 2020, 4:20 am

How to Play for the Keno Progressive Payout

The game of Keno is known for its colorful and meaningful history. But not only for its extraordinary genesis that builds the Great Wall of China that the Keno game become popular to the gambling world but its popularity is also equally merited to the excitement and entertainment it provides to its players.

Most gamblers like the game of Keno because of the easiness of playing the game. The game mechanics involved in playing the game is very similar to the game of lotto. Being games of chances they are both played by betting on numbers which should be drawn in order to win a prize.

But unlike the lotto game, the game of Keno can be played progressively. The progressive game of Keno can be played through the Video Keno game where the players are playing for a progressive payout that is considerably bigger than the payout given by the regular Keno game.

Video Keno is played in a machine with no fixed payout in contrast to its regular Keno game counterpart. The payout of Video Keno usually begins at higher stakes usually ranging from $50,000 to $100,000 depending on the Video Keno machine. Some Video Keno machines offer progressive payout higher than these.

The Video Keno offers a progressive payout due to the system that the jackpot grows as more players play the machine as more bets are being contributed to build the progressive payout.

The Video Keno game is played at a denomination of $0.25 which is a fixed rate unlike its regular Keno game counterpart that allows other denominations of bets. Playing for the progressive payout in a Video Keno is easy as betting for ten numbers and hope that it will match the ten winning numbers drawn.

The progressive payout is only won once a Video Keno player bet to the maximum numbers which is ten. However, placing a bet for smaller set of number still entitles a player to win a percentage taken from the progressive payout of the Video Keno machine.

A player who for instance bets for nine numbers and all nine numbers win they can still win at least 25% of the progressive payout. Betting for eight number with all numbers picked as winning numbers still allow a player to claim at least 10% from the progressive payout.

Hence, in order to win the Video Keno progressive payout one should always bet to the maximum in order to qualify. The game of Video Keno is more fun once its players are able to avail of the progressive payout that is enticingly high than the payout won from a regular Keno game.